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Recruitment Notice

Freemasonry has suffered from a decline in membership over the past few years. 

We all have a responsibility to try to do what we can to not only arrest this decline, but to build our lodges up to their former numbers and strength, not just by numbers but with members of the highest quality.

The following thoughts and suggestions are given as a guide to help achieve this objective and wish you well in your challenge.

Families and Social Involvement

Union Waterloo Lodge No.13 is a family orientated Lodge involving their wives and families. This not only binds the Lodge together, it also encourages friends to be invited to relax in the company of Masons and their families.
Do our Lodge have a good social calendar?
Are you organising events that you can bring your friends along to?
Have the Masons in our Lodge discussed potential membership with their friends and families ?
Do they invite friends to other Masonic activities held within the Province ?
Have your members discussed membership with their partners and families - they can often come up with good suggestions ?
Do members invite possible new members to Masonic social events?
Do our Lodge publicise their achievements on the Lodge website ?
Do our Lodge publicise their achievements in the local press?
Questions which needs to be asked of yourself ?

(a)   Are you taking an active part in your lodge ?  
(b)   Are you organising or helping to organise lodge social functions ?
(c)   Are you promoting or helping to promote your lodge ?
(d)   Are you contributing to the information published on your Lodge Website ?
(e)   Do you support the Lodge's Local Lodge of Instruction by attending sessions?
The future of our Lodge and our Province is in our hands, especially those of the younger members.  Do nothing, and the Freemasonry in our Lodge and our Province will gradually disappear.

Remember:                          NO MEMBERS - NO LODGE!
                                             DO NOTHING NOW AND THE LODGE AS WE KNOW IT WILL CEASE
                                             DO SOMETHING NOW AND THE FUTURE OF OUR LODGE WILL BE SECURED
Recruitment Notice