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Brethren! My message this time around is on-going, with a few minor alterations.  the time has come to take advantage of all the good news that freemasonry has
begun to spread amongst the local communities throughout this Province in the last couple of years.  It is fair to say that our presence in the media has recently
become so high profile; we are getting maximum coverage for all the good stories on local media  out there. The public want to know about us, and what we're up to

So! Let’s go one better - let's tell them ourselves. Whenever any of you meet someone who asks “What’s Freemasonry about?” or, better still, “Why should I join?”,
then tell them it's to add SPICE to your life” or, if you prefer, to SPICE up your life”

And when they ask, “What do you mean?” then if you quote from the following, you might just impress them………...after all, it's just another (small) piece of ritual.
SPICE!! embodies everything that Freemasonry is:

Self development:
· personal competence and leadership skills
· self confidence and character building

Personal unique experience:
· subliminal self-improvement through Ritual involvement
· a sense of spirituality
· knowledge of yourself

Interaction and social Inclusiveness:
· open to all (qualify): culture, creed or faith
· making new friends
· informal networking
· effective teamwork

Charitable effectiveness:
· pooling of massive resources
· support for the wider community
· making a real difference in the world

Enjoyment and fulfillment:
· time to relax - an "oasis in the desert of life"
· lasting friendships
· pride and satisfaction
· brotherhood
You can then expand on all these points - from your own experience. And you now have “inserts” from the latest edition of WKNEWS  to help you.
Easy peasy!       Go tell ‘em!   Today (and every day).